Wednesday, June 27, 2007

As The Clash asked....should I stay or should I go

ACM(NTH) is playing in Montgomery Saturday night. If I dress in disguise, do you think I could get away with just listening to the music????? If I PROMISE not to make a fool of me or ACM(NTH). Please Please give me permissions! (Except for Am...I know I won't get permissions from her!)

Want good music in my life. NEED good music in my life. Don't need acm(nth). Just his music.

Permission granted or denied. Not that I will necessaily take your advice....but thought I'd get input if anybody is reading my lame ass blog!

The Knee Things

Paging Travis......Paging Travis.....Travis please pick up on the white phone.

I am in desparate need of Travis to visit FBB again. I miss the magic foxhole with the wonderful supply of leather jackets, harps, etc.

And the knee thingy. I am having withdrawals!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Humane Society

It's official. My house has turned into an animal shelter.

We now have three dogs and a cat.

And when I say dogs, I don't mean the little fluffy kind that greet you when you get home and will sit with you quietly on the couch or bed while you are relaxing after a long day at work.

Oh No. I mean the kind of dogs that weigh 60-70 pounds and are still growing. I mean the kind of dogs that you just can let loose in the yard because they have not properly trained (yet). And when they are not on a leash and unsupervised, they have to stay in their kennels...which are In The House. They are currently taking up approximatly 40 square feet of my laundry room. And with the dogs/dog kennels in the house, hair follows.

And I don't mean a few stray hairs here and there. I mean that the amount of hair that ends up in my house daily could easily be woven into a room size rug. It is a battle I cannot win. And one, in fact, that I have given up on winning.

and I am sick and tired of it. i am sick of training them. taking them out to the bathroom every few hours on a leash. sick of trying to keep them from tying up with each other. sick of trying to keep them from tying up with other furry mammals. sick of ..... just sick of all of it.

All I every wanted was just a dog. One dog. A dog that is not smarter than me. A dog that is as lazy as I am. A dog that doesn't require 24 hour supervision.

In fact, I'm thinking about moving out of my house and moving into our local animal shelter.