Friday, March 21, 2008

Sub-Contractors are like a...... of chocolates. Ya never know whut chere gonna get.

I bought a house for me once we sold our home.

It is 3 levels. I only live on the main floor. One bedroom, one tiny bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room the size of a postage stamp. And I don't mean the really pretty postage stamps with flowers and hearts and superheros on then. I mean the plain old postage stamps.

So I've been doing some remodeling. I've had part of the wall separating the living room from the kitchen partially removed. I had a work shed installed in my back yard. I've had someone come over to put a tin roof on my back deck and build a couple of gates so my dog could go out on the back porch. I've hired and fired the guy I picked to retile the tub surrounds.

Right now I am living in a cloud of sheetrock and other various dust particles. I believe this dust might just kill me before the cigarettes do!

Needlesss to say, most of the work I've had done is sub-par. But I have figured out the modis-operindi of the sub-contractor. They stay around indefinitely, sometimes showing up and sometimes skipping it all together. The whole point of this is to finally wear you down. They stay and stay supposudly working on your project until you have finally had enough. Then you tell them to Get Out! Not caring if the job is finished or the work is well done. I truly believe that this tactic is covered in the appendix of the Sub-Contractors Manual. If I could only find a copy, I could prove my theory.

I can't expound on all of the renovation issues in this blog. But I'm thinking about writing a book which divulges the method to their madness. It is however, a brilliant way to ditch an undesirable project. Expecially with some chick that has an eye for detail. Subs Hate that.

One very bright spot that shines like the sun on a spring day. I hired a friend of mine to finish the tile work. He has taken on the job and done it beautifully. Working long and hard to cover all of the "details" I found that were not up to par. He has worked long past the agreed upon quote ran out. All he wants to do is make me happy. To him it is a challenge to see if he can do the job just like I want it. What a God send.

Anyhoo. That's my lame-ass blog for now.

I miss all of you so much and I promise to read your blogs on a more frequent basis. After all, I'm Dana's biggest fan, Trav knows my undeniable weakness for the knee-thingy, Am is, well, Am and I love her beyond reason, Robin & Wayne have been friends when I needed friends, and So Many Others that mean a great deal to me. I've been missing out on keeping up with your lives. But I will give it the old college try to get back into the swing again.

Don't forget about me. I've haven't forgotten about you.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ahem...Hello....Anybody out there??

Just checkin'!

Been bloggin a little on myspace but will try to update here too.

So much I need to catch up on!

Oh and by the way I....

oops I'm late! gotta get ready for work!