Monday, January 01, 2007

Farewell 2006

How many new friends were made in 2006?
How many romances began?
How many people decided to chase their dream?
How many gained the courage to step out on their own?
How many finally saw their self-worth?
How many discovered new talents and nurtured them?
How many decided to do something just for themselves?
How many found ways do something for others?
How many contacts were added to address books and cell phone numbers exchanged?
How many packed a bag and traveled to new places knowing that friends would be waiting?
How many realized that you don't have to settle for what you've got?
How many laughs were shared with new friends?
How many hearts broke for them?
How many came to depend on people who's faces they have never touched?
How many were amazed to find out that so many others cared for and loved them?
How many danced for the first time in a long time?
How many determined that you create your own happiness?
How many hugs were given and received by people who saw each other for the very first time?

2007 has mighty big shoes to fill.