Saturday, February 26, 2011


I don't really have anything to write about other than the fact that I am inexplicably awake at 2am. I'm either going to have to force my self to go to bed, or go buy more ciggies. Since I know I'm just gonna toss & turn. Guess I'll grab my keys! lol

Hope everyone is doing well.

Dana...I still treasure the story you wrote for me.

Trav...I still miss the magical foxholes.

Right now I'm watching the bio of Marky Mark & Donnie Wahlberg (?) for the second time tonight. Guess I could at least channel surf. I might run across one of those paid advertisements that sells Bedazzlers, or colon cleansing pills, or a get rich quick scheme. You must never know. Oh wait, they do have those... ahem... massage implement advertisements on this late. Although some of them puzzle me. Can you Bedazzle them I wonder??